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(By ) 7 Dec 2000

Mr. Corporation leading blind consumers

Calgary, Canada - Hey BND-Dudes around the world here are a couple BND pictures - they aren't the best of the lot but they were the first ones we got developed and the only ones i've had time to scan into the computer.

Parking lot of MarketMall In the parking lot of MarketMall in Calgary on Friday Nov 24th -BND- just before we went in and started handing out handbills to shoppers and making some noise in the mall (lasted about 10-15 minutes before security got to us). We pushed around each other in the carts that had signs on the side reading 'trapped by consumerism'.  
Mr. Corporation leading blind consumers
This is from Thursday Nov 23rd at the University of Calgary. Where I was Mr. Corporation leading my blind consumers as I ranted and raved through the megaphone to all the students and passersby about buy nothing day and the effects of over-consumption.  

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